Top 5 Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.2

Top 5 Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.2

I will show you Top 5 Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.2! When it comes to survival maps for Minecraft 1.19.2, this post truly has it all. Of course, you can always depend on me for this kind of thing, and I’ll show you the greatest ones. You’ll adore my list. Before I tell you more, if you are wondering how to get these ones, you can scroll down under this paragraph where the download section are. But! I have an in-depth tutorial on all of this, it is called How To Install Maps in Minecraft. Check it out, it is really easy. Everyone loves survival maps, especially those that I show you. All of them are unique and are challenging. It doesn’t matter if you play this alone or with your friend. Yes, you can play it with your friends too, just open to lan the world. I have a tutorial on this, if you are curious, you can take a look on that on my website.

Ok, I think i told you everything needed. If you want anything more then contact me. I will love to show you all of these maps. So let’s get right to our list of the best 1.19.2 Minecraft Survival Maps! 

Top 5 Survival Maps for Minecraft 1.19.2

One Block

It’s a brand-new survival level, and since you start out standing on just one block, that’s how it got its name. Well, what now, you might be asking. If you’ve played Skyblock, this is similar in that you have to shatter the block without dying. The main objective of this is, obviously, to complete all ten phases and slay the ender dragon; once you’ve done so, the end portal will spawn beneath the infinite block. To enter it and defeat the dragon, you must!

Falling Falling

This is really cool map. It is best for you to play it with your friends because you will have much more fun! At first, you will spawn in the “middle-world” go straight forward and then hit play. Then you are on the island 20×20 and the items and blocks will randomly be dropping around you. You have couple goals to finish. First, beat the dragon and the game of course. There will be many different blocks: wood, ores or dirt. Break them, make items and finish the game!

World in a Jar

How can I describe the world? It’s kinda difficult. You will spawn in a big jar, when you take a look around yourself, you will find there are more of the really big Jars, and each of them have different things in it. You can find a jar with ocean, jungle or villa! Like I said, all of them offer something different, and it is really funny to discover what each jar has.


Do you know skyblock? No? Well, I will show you this one! The map is absolutely incredible, and you will love it, trust me! You can either play skyblock on the multiplayer server or you can download this map and play it alone. Yes, you can always open it to lan and play it with your friends, but it is up to you. The skyblock is an island world, all you have to do is to survive. Nothing hard, nothing easy.


Raftblock is a really cool Minecraft map that can be played in Minecraft 1.19.2. It’s a survival map, haha, so obvious I know, you will be spawned on a 3×3 small raft platform. All you have is a fishing rod and the floating items that are in the ocean, you need to get them. So use that fishing rod for it. There are also barrels with special random loot. I just love this website as well!


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