About Us

Welcome to Minecraft Wild. On this website you can find Minecraft Tutorials such as Mods, Shaders, Texture Packs and any other kinds! Everything you need to find about Minecraft is here.

I have been playing Minecraft since the version 1.2.5 and I decided to create multiple Minecraft websites to write interesting articles for you. I mainly do this to help people to find Shaders, Resource Packs or even Mods. But that’s not everything that I do, you can also find reviews with my honest opinion. This website was created back in 2021, however, I’ve been making articles and websites since 2018.

You can find me on YouTube as well. I’m doing video tutorials because for many people, it is much useful than reading the articles.

The YouTube Channel

Writers & Team

The team is really small. Currently it’s only me and my friend who are taking care of our websites.

We are looking for more people that are interested in making the articles, SEO specialist and more.

You can get in touch with us if you are looking to join our team.