How To Install Minecraft Snapshot 22w20a!

How To Install Minecraft Snapshot 22w20a!

Welcome to my new article on How To Install Minecraft Snapshot 22w20a! This will be a pretty quick Minecraft tutorial. This Minecraft snapshot is for the 1.19 version and adds many new things to the game. For example, you can finally find the Ancient city down in the mines, or you can beat the warden! I’m looking forward to the full release of Minecraft 1.19, as it will bring many new features, mobs, and stuff like that! This update is expected to be done around June and July. That’s the time of the year that new Minecraft releases are out, and you can play it. But if you want to know what is new and try out new things that will be in the latest release, you can always choose the snapshots to try it out.   

What are Minecraft Snapshots?

Well, as I said above, if there’s coming to a new version and you want to try out the new things, then you can try and play the snapshot. Usually, a new snapshot is released on Tuesdays every week. Snapshot is somehow a testing version of the game. You are available to play it for free and test it out, if you find any bugs or issues, you can report it directly to Mojang so they can fix them before the full release. And don’t worry, you can play this without any problems, you won’t get banned or something like this. It’s just another version that you can play, think about it this way. Keep in mind that if you start a new world in the snapshot, then you won’t be able to play it in a different version. So, yes, you can have one possible option, but it will mess up with your world.

How To Install Minecraft Snapshot 22w20a

I wanted to go straight up to a point. But I have one thing to tell you. Read this if you don’t know how to do it: How To Download & Install Minecraft! It’s an in-depth Minecraft Tutorial. You won’t regret reading it. So yeah, if you don’t have the game already, read it and install it. Because without it, it won’t work for you. 

At first, you need to open the Minecraft launcher. I assume you already have it because I told you to read the article in case you don’t have the game. Then, go to the installations tab and take a look at the top-right tab. You will be a snapshot there, make sure it’s checked, otherwise, it won’t work for you. There are two options now. First, you can choose the latest snapshot and hit play. That’s all, the second option is that you can choose which snapshot you want to play. Whether it is 22w05a or 22w20a, just hit the icon + and choose the version. Then select play and enjoy!

That’s everything 

Yes, I mean it. This is literally everything for this Tutorial for today. Please let me know if you need help, I’m here for you. Just message me or comment down below, and I will respond to everyone. These new snapshots are amazing, so I’m more than sure that you will like them as much as I do. See you in my other articles.

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